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    About "Dom svulstiga".


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    About "Dom svulstiga".

    Post  Makta on Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:07 pm


    We are friendly guild that started out mid-tbc as a friends only guild with no goal but puging Karazhan. Guild names comes from our one and only Svultig (Our top sunwell geared member at that time Smile). A few months after Wotlk we all went seperate ways to start raiding, we found that it wasn't that fun doing "by yourself" so we ended up back in "Dom svultiga" and decided to start up this guild for 10 men raiding. Mostly to have fun and to see all content with our best friends.
    We are a steady core of 5-7 friends that are growing by the day. At this time we got around 20 active accounts and are gearing and preparing for Uldar.

    All though we are fairly casual we do have full attention and focus during raids, and expect the same from any new member.

    We raid Sundays and wednesdays 19:00-23:00.
    During release of new raids we will most likely host extra voluntary progress raids for people that's interested.

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